About Us


Salem Communications & Marketing is a high-energy firm of skilled communications, marketing, public relations, sales and video/film production professionals who set high goals and accomplish what we set out to do. Our clients are aggressive marketers, trainers and advertisers – either leader in their field or well on their way. The client contacts are positive, hard-charging corporate leaders, communication directors, marketing managers and advertising directors, who think big and depend on us to get them there. While our clients’ needs take many different forms, their ultimate goals are often the same; they want to build sales, increase productivity, train and motivate a work force, create awareness and change or improve public perceptions. Simple. Tough. Challenging.

Programs That Work


Based on the very specific needs of each client we represent, Salem Communications & Marketing develops well-targeted, cost efficient communication and marketing programs, strategies and consulting services that work. Depending on the organization’s goals and circumstances, these programs may involve video/film production, public relations and news release campaigns, advertising, special events and promotions, business/marketing  plans and strategies, or market research. More importantly we offer the advice and expertise that will guarantee the results you expect.


As a result-directed firm, we push ourselves to consistently surpass our clients’ high expectations. We think strategically, keep our efforts on track and our clients informed throughout the process. Believing strongly in accountability, we never want to hear a client ask “what have you done for us lately?”

Personalized Attention


As important as it is to develop fresh, creative, concepts and deliver measurable results, we also make a point of – and enjoy – giving our clients very personalized attention. This means active involvement by our principle, in addition to the day-to-day, hands on activities of account managers, production staff, writers and coordinators. Project development and direction is handled by knowledgeable, motivated, flexible and resourceful professionals. Our staff is quick, thorough, innovative and committed to “keeping the customer satisfied”. The strong working relationships we have with our clients extend to their advertising, training, marketing/sales, and promotions’ staffs and agencies. We welcome and encourage opportunities to work with these affiliated resources, believing a “team” approach delivers more innovative solutions and maximizes creative and marketing dollars.



At Salem Communications & Marketing Inc., we believe truly successful efforts depend on productive working relationships – which ultimately comes down to chemistry. Do we share an enthusiasm and commitment to the challenges ahead?  Do we listen to each other, and is there understanding?  Do we agree that quality and integrity cannot be compromised? That money does not grow on trees?  Do we share the same expectations of the goals to be achieved?  Bottom line: Can we see ourselves on the same team?


Since our founding in 1990, Salem Communications & Marketing has thrived on the belief that we are successful when our clients are successful. We represent businesses we believe in…We work with people who have a high regard for our talents and their own…We produce meaningful results. We are committed to being challenged, to growing and to having a bit of fun in the process. If this business philosophy seems consistent with yours – If the chemistry sounds like it might be right - Then we welcome the opportunity to work together.

Our Philosophy


We are a different kind of company… We believe in keeping things as simple as possible, with the most important aspect of any successful communication or marketing effort being the “MESSAGE”. There is a time and place for everything, including the fancy and complex with all the bells and whistles. We can do that with the best of them when it is required to achieve a goal. Most companies like ours consider it required to achieve results as a common practice. We do not take the same approach as most others in our industry…We Are An Uncommon Company.  


Our website is simple and direct. The focus is our message… Who we are, what we do, and how we go about it. We do not want to distract from our message with lavish and costly visuals, or a website that is arduous to navigate. We are a company with an “Entrepreneurial Spirit and Heart Beat”, knowing that producing high quality marketing programs and campaigns, and getting high end results, does not always require large budgets and expensive productions. We welcome the opportunity to share examples of our work with you…  If you like our “Message”, we should talk.

SCM - TV spot production demo (Mr. Hero)

SCM - product training video (Gibson-Homans)

SCM -product promotional video (Disc Gear)